Add-on Studies

All add-on studies are optional for participants. Any participant can propose an add-on study which will be assessed by the PLANTPOPNET steering group for compatibility with the core protocol. Papers arising from add-on studies will primarily involve data-contributors to the add-on study, including contributors of any core data used in the paper. If you would like to get involved in an add-on study please contact the leader of the add-on.

Among-population variation in germination and seedling establishment traits of Plantago lanceolata

PI: Christoph Rosche, Sabrina Träger and Isabell Hensen (University of Halle, Germany), Mandy Slate (University of Colorado Boulder, USA), Javier Puy (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)


Among-population variation in germination and seedling establishment traits of Plantago lanceolata.pdf

Clonality: Global variation in the mating system of Plantago lanceolata

PI: Javier Puy,Yvonne Buckley, Annabel Smith, Glenda Wardle, Stephanie Chen

For more information contact Yvonne or Javier:;

Clonality datasheet is available by clicking here


Geographical patterns in seedling defence and herbivore interactions

PI: Mick Hanley, Plymouth & Nicole van Damn (iDiv, Leipzig)

Leverhulme Project Summary (Oct 2018).docx

Is oxidative stress a proxy for mortality in Plantago lanceolata

PI: Sergi Munne-Bosch, University of Barcelona, Spain


Seed collection: Evaluating the role and variation of seed mucilage in Plantago lanceolata

PI: Elise Elwood, UC Davis, California

Seed Mucilage Add-on.docx

Mycorrhizae: To understand the role of below ground mutualisms in facilitating the establishment and invasion of P.lanceolata outside it's native range

PI: Lizzie Wandrag


Investigating Plantago lanceolata pollen as a food source for bees

PI: Elizabeth Crone & Laura Russo

PLANTPOPNET AddOn bees v2.docx