Meet the HQ Team

Prof. Yvonne Buckley

Yvonne is one of the founding members and coordinator of PLANTPOPNET. Professor of Zoology at Trinity College Dublin, Yvonne leads a team of post-doctoral researchers, PhD, and undergraduate research students seeking to understand the fundamental drivers of animal and plant population processes in a rapidly changing world. Her primary expertise is in comparative plant population dynamics, invasive plant management and predicting responses of populations to global change.

Dr Javier Puy

Trained as plant functional and experimental ecologist, his primary research interest has been on the causes and consequences of intraspecific phenotypic variation in ecology and evolution with special interest on the epigenetic heritable mechanisms governing it. Javier is now postdoc at Trinity College Dublin and is using PLANTPOPNET data to explore the global variation in mating system of Plantago lanceolata; particularly checking whether clonality is influenced by environmental conditions and whether it affects or is affected by other demographic processes.

Maude Baudraz (PhD Candidate)

Maude Baudraz is a PhD candidate at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. She's working at the intersect between the concept of niche and plant demography, trying to unravel the patterns and drivers of within species variations in demographic rates. She mainly uses PLANTPOPNET data in her work, but also started her own experimental set up in the Swiss Alps

Caroline McKeon (PhD Candidate)

Caroline is a (future) PhD student at Trinity College Dublin, working on the assessment of Ecosystem Services in grasslands. Focusing on species' ecological function, her research is aimed at developing methods and tools for efficiently assessing changes in the provision of Ecosystem Services in response to management. She will use a combination of field work and existing data from a number global projects, including PLANTPOPNET, in her work.

Alain Finn (Research Assistant)

Alain is the curator of the PLANTPOPNET database. He is also working on the collection and analysis of trait variation. Alain is the contact point for any enquiries. (

Past Members

Dr Annabel Smith

Dr Jesus Villellas