The virtual Plantpopnet workshop will take place from Sept 21st-24th. The format of the workshop will consist of:

  • Pre-recorded Talks which will be made available online to view from the 14th of Sept.

  • 1x 1 hr "Ask the Speaker" Session on Tuesday Sept 21st - Interactive session with a chance to ask the speakers questions

  • 4x 2hr Discussion sessions Wed & Thurs Sept 22nd & 23rd - Broad network discussions, new ideas, future science questions

  • Wrap up/Future direction Thursday Sept 23rd

Session Times:

Ask the speaker (1hr)- Tuesday Sept 21st 9pm BST, 4pm East US, 1pm West US, 6am Sydney (Wed 22nd).

Discussion sessions

A (2hrs) - Wednesday 22nd 7am BST, 4pm Sydney

B (2hrs) - Wednesday 22nd 4pm BST, 11am East US, 8am West US

C (2hrs) - Thursday 23rd 7am BST, 4pm Sydney

D (2hrs) - Thursday 23rd 4pm BST, 11am East US, 8am West US

Wrap up & Future of Plantpopnet Thursday 23rd 8pm BST, 3pm East US, 12pm West US

If you would like to participate in the workshop please complete the registration form below.